Charlie Lutz of is a liar and a cheater Colorado

Charlie Lutz of is a liar and a cheater – Colorado

Charlie Lutz is a liar and a cheater. I was his longest relationship since his divorce over 7 years ago. He has had only had one other girlfriend that lasted 11 months otherwise he is a serial dater despite what he will tel you. We dated for over a year, no fighting, no drama.. but he is a liar and a cheater because he still loved to pursue women online despite being in a committed relationship with me! He will compliment you and tell you he wants commitment but he does not. He will waste your time and pursue other women and lie to your face denying all of it and feel absolutely no remorse. When he is faced with any kind of conflict he would rather walk away and hope it blows over, he will never admit to anything even when I had photos! He is so insecure, all his dating profiles say he lives in Cherry Hills or Cherry Hills Village because he wants to appear affluent, like he has money.. he does not. He lives in Englewood in an apartment he rents. If you want a nice, honest, kind, man who will NOT lie or cheat, then do NOT date Charlie Lutz.