Charles H. Wood Tennessee

Charles H. Wood – Tennessee

Man cheats on a woman because she hasn’t enough funds to afford to CARRY HIS LOAD & HER OWN LOAD + HER IMMEDIATE FAMILY. Man remains on lookout in every public place for next victim. Spots her, woos her, she finally moves in, shes on his phone, she uses his phone, OOPS – Girlfriend calls (Me)! Girlfriend told, “I’M TANYA, his NEW WIFE of 1 week and girlfriend for 1 yr.” Girlfriend replies, “Well I’ve been his girlfriend for 2+ yrs. and I know nothing about… so YES put him on the phone and I don’t care if you do listen in [as you hold the phone, of course]. He replies with outright lie, “I needed someone to be there for me and you couldn’t be” (reference to caring for last-living elderly parent). Later, he sends text, “This will make you laugh, she [Tanya] decided not to marry me. Lost everything.” I replied: “Not laughing at all….not at all funny……” Still later, he replied to my texts chewing him out for cheating and lying on me and for disrespecting my parent and my sibling relative how he owes them an apology, he replied, “Drop dead”. I replied, “Lol, you wish.”