Charles Gilbert Gipson Ohio

Charles Gilbert Gipson – Ohio

This is Charles Gilbert Gipson Jr. I was with him for two years. He cheated on me when I was at work. He left to see his daughter for the weekend and cheated on me as well. He sleeps with women for a free place to stay and then robs you while you are asleep. He even stole off my son that is disabled. He stole off my 60 year old mother as well. He broke into our house and stole off of us to give his girlfriend drug money because she had to be high in order to take care of her daughter. He’s been fired from every job he has been at for the last 9 years for stealing. He thinks everyone owes him. Even tho he didn’t earn it from you its his. He’ll sleep with anything for money and drugs. Then when he realizes he screwed up he crawls back to me. I have a child with him that he has never even seen once. Missed his birth because he came early and was having sex with his girlfriend while I was in labor with his baby. He was born premature and he was too busy screwing her to even check on him. Then he realized again what he did and tried to come crawling back. I haven’t seen him for a year and who ever he is with, get tested cause he don’t like condoms.