Charles Eversole Pennsylvania

Charles Eversole – Pennsylvania

Amateur rapper currently changing colleges after being kicked out of his first for always taking drugs instead of attending class. This arrogant jerk not only f***s around with as many women as he can have, keeping them secret from each other, but holds very misogynistic views. Has made such remarks as he would “make” a girl have an abortion if he got her pregnant. He believes a woman’s place is in the kitchen or sucking his c**k. Believes men to be highly superior to women. Has a strong stereotypical view that women who ‘sleep around’ are sluts, but men who sleep around are kings. Thinks a man should be free to c** anywhere on a woman (whatever her feelings are) and that women who won’t give him blow jobs are not worth being with. Loves to discuss nothing more than alcohol, basketball, “banging chicks” and weed. Deals drugs in his spare time. Looks down on people with little money, while failing to see that drug dealing (spending the cash he makes on drugs for himself) and failing at college will get him no where. He is a ‘I’m not racist, I have Black friends’ racist, believing Black people to be highly likely to commit crime and that they do nothing to help themselves out of bad lifestyles. Is also a homophobe, recently requesting another move from the room in his new college after looking at a photo of his room mate and deciding they’re gay and he can’t tolerate this. If a female tries to defend others, they are are a ‘stupid b****’. Overall a-hole.