Charalampos chanialidis United Kingdom

Charalampos chanialidis – United Kingdom

This guy should come with a health warning was seeing him for 3years totally fed me lies for over this time .told me I was the love of his life wanted to move in with me I am mortgage free (looking for cheap rent because he sends money home to mum in Greece )told me he wanted to have children basically told me all the right things he is a lecturer at Glasgow uni.he stared seeing someone from the uni behind my back think they were sleeping together . Still sending me calls texts to say he loved me to bits we were suppose to be going to Berlin in December two weeks before going he told me to basically f*** off told me if I ever come near him he would punch me I tried to reason with him he blocked my calls wouldn’t speak to me . Seen him is Tesco one evening and he totally turned his back on me totally ignored me I was good to this guy ! turned out he was f****** someone else we were meant to be going away he took this’s new woman on our holiday when he gets fed up with you dumps you moves on this guy sees woman just to f*** constantly watches porn likes she males this guy tells nothing but lies please don’t trust him he also done this too his ex girlfriend he told me he alerted with men and woman while with her when I say men she males men with t*** or chics with dicks