Chanelle Vassar Washington

Chanelle Vassar — Chanelle Vassar, Washington

Chanelle was my ” best friend”. I allowed her into my home. Things were okay for several years until her baby daddy got caught looking for men to fuck on Craigslist. I should of said my goodbyes then because misery loves company but it’s in my nature to help so I tried. Also around this time my father’s health started to rapidly decline. I didn’t know how to handle his upcoming death. I left my husband at home with her child on several occasions so we could go party. I needed the escape. I got way to drunk and way to high every single time. However she started to change. Making out with strange men in sleazy bars, dry humping men she met in the parking lot, etc. I could see the situation getting out of control but I couldn’t be bothered with anyone’s else shit at this point besides mine. So I let her be a slut bag. I wish I could say I noticed the distance between my husband and I but I was so lost within myself. The night my dad died we all stayed in a hospice room at the hospital. Everyone fell asleep besides her and that when she decided she wanted my husband. She put her head down on his lap and started snuggling up to him. The next day she sent a message saying she enjoyed what they did the night before..because getting rubbed up on and dead people go hand in hand. This apparently continued for 14 days. She sent him dirty pictures, came into my home got me drunk waited for me to pass out so my husband could do disgusting things to her while I slept passed out on the couch next to them. I don’t think this is the first time she’s done something like this because she oddly doesn’t hold friends down for very long. So ladies if you see this woman run the other freaking way. My husband and I went to grief and marriage counseling and we’re trying our very best to move on. She continues to stock me on all social media known to man kind including several fake FB and Insta accounts, Pinterest, and even my fitbit app which a year later her profile picture was of her and I. She’s got something seriously wrong up there…