Chad Darrow Berkshire New York

Chad Darrow Berkshire – New York

I truly tip my hat off to this lying, cheating person who calls himself a man. But who am I to talk as I had my eyes closed and my heart open to him? He kicked his girlfriend and his daughter out of his home to date me(did not find this out until after the relationship ended). He gave me a diamond ring that was his ex-girlfriend’s. The ex girlfriend and his daughter moved back in as he claimed her parents were kicking her out. After she moved back in we didn’t see much of each other. I was getting the runaround or excuses after excuses. It was going on a month that we didn’t see each other. Then on 2 occasions I found them sleeping in the bed together with their daughter in the middle. When I confronted him, he continued to lie and believed that he was doing nothing wrong and that there was no harm doing. They continued this sleep pattern for a month. His ex-girlfriend got a hold of me. Told me that they were having sex(not the first time she told me this)and that he told her he had broke it off with me. All the things she told me, made sense to it all. All his lies started to add up. He did end it with me. January 2018 we started talking again. Him and his girlfriend broke it off yet she continued to live there. He told me that he wanted to marry me someday and build a life with me. Didn’t want to start anything and wait until she moved out. We continued our daily talks and flirts. We even met up one night. Found out through Facebook they got back together. Asked him about it and he said she still lives here but there’s no title and share the responsibilities of our daughter. I expressed that he shouldn’t be leading people on like that. He believes he didn’t. Their is much more to this but I think I got my point out. This is the only way I could think of to get my revenge.