Cerone Amir R. Morales-Velasco Philipines

Cerone Amir R. Morales-Velasco — San Jose City, Philippines

She was previously a co-worker of Sonny Dave Taclibon, a family man with two sons. Apparently before the birth of his youngest son, he already have an affair with bitch. This woman (or a pig perhaps) is also married to someone else and have 3 kids to her husband. Her 4th child is her child to another man which she now claims to be their daughter of her current lovey dovey. Sonny Dave left his wife and two sons to his Father in Law without any financial support. Cerone, on the other hand, left her four children to her parents and ran away with him to Angeles, Pampanga. This homewrecker bitch was treated like a good family friend and was made the godmother of the youngest child unbeknowst to the family that she’s the other woman. Bitch now took all the salary and demands money from her lovey dovey and wouldn’t want him to support the needs of his two young sons to his legal wife. Beware of this woman, you may think that she’s kind as she keeps on posting bible verses and “Godly” words. It takes her to conceive four child to her to realize that her husband isn’t her true love.