C’era Reece Florida

C’era Reece — Tampa, Florida

This girl was dating a friend of mine for the past 2 years… she was living in his house while he paid for everything for her… gave her a Jeep.. everything paid this girls way… to where you ask?? To cheat on him with a former Tampa bay rays player while she was staying in his house… he was away playing ball… accused him over and over of cheating drug him theough the mud.. called him a Piece if shit a cheater a liar and just treated him badly and walked all over him while she was cheating on him… she craves attention from baseball players and never gave a crap about how it made him feel… put him into depression… has him all screwed up.. she just moved out of his house took things that didn’t belong to her left him the day he got home and didn’t say anything… two years of living someone and that’s how you treat a man that gave you everything? That’s some BS! This girl is a loser and needs to be put on blast so all the baseball players see her bullshit!