Cecilia Sanchez Texas

Cecilia Sanchez — Dallas, Texas

Where do I start?! She is married and has a hand full of kids and continues to place her goodies on a platter for my husband. I have asked this woman politely several times to leave my husband alone and be a decent wife and mother! Her and my husband work together and she has the ordasity to tell my husband one day in an email how much she missed him and how bad she wanted to sleep with him. The plays the victim constantly trying to make my husband fill bad about her “unhappy marriage.” The part that really upset me was the fact she told him recently that she does care if I find out as long as he is okay with them keeping it on the down low! HOW TRASHY! I am disgusted with her and the fact my husband even entertains this trash in text messages from 8-3pm and did i fail to mention when she is home she sends him nude pics in the middle of the night. I am so over her and I can’t wait to get a hold of husband to expose her! She is trash and sad part is she has no class or morals for herself, her family and the man she has been with for 10+ year who she recently married less than a year ago! I want her EXPOSED!!!!!!