Cayman Islands Timisha Edwards

Timisha Edwards — Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Timisha Edwards is the definition of a home wreaker. Timisha has smuggled her way into my life and my family. 6 years ago as my life was all great with my Boyfriend Aaron Haylock, Timisha came in and started a relationship with him. When I confronted her, she clams to know nothing about us being together and that this is what he told her. However, she was fully aware that we were together and happy. Arron claimed that she was nothing and would never be anything to him, sex and that was it. As time pass they stopped the afire and our lives return to normal and happy until recently. My was to be husband and I were engaged and all was perfect, until she forced her way back in again. Now he has walked away from our family and he has moved in with her. Raising her rejected child that looks like a monkey and calming they are so happy. My think is that, she is so happy taking someone else man. They have harassed me on a number of different times and calming that I am the one bringing hurt and harm to them… so that you all know… This Home wreaker is out there and when she moves on, your husband could be next as she does travel and enjoy others on her travels.