Catherine Marie Clapper Texas

Catherine Marie Clapper — Kingsville, Texas

This woman Catherine Marie Clapper cheated on her now ex husband shortly after having a child with him. She became pregnant by the other man and claimed it to be her ex’s, but decided on abortion when he demanded DNA testing. When her ex reunited with his wife prior to her, she began to interfere with his visitations after several arguments over whether or not he had always loved his previous wife (as well as issues she had with him buying gifts for his now wife, as they’re remarried). This is despite him paying a significant amount of child support, as well as other demands she made. She’s even gone as far as attempting to make her new husband adopt their son. He was a married man when she met him, as well, with two daughters. This woman is a COMPLETE HomeWrecker in every way! She wrecked her own marriage, attempted to wreck his ex’s new and happy life with his first true love, destroyed another marriage and now alienates their son from his father’s entire family all due to jealousy over situations she created. She’s stolen other people’s profile photos who bare her same name including her now married name, which was removed from a website called my life for breaking their terms of service. She’s told her son that his own big brother, son to her ex and his previous/current wife, is a bad influence. Which made him express his grief to his brother over her controlling and bitter ways. She’s a gold digger as well. She went after her new husband because of the company he works for as well as his job title. She works with elementary school children and it is awful to think of the kind of things she has said and done, knowing so. Do not trust this woman! She hounded her ex for years for money and even sex all the way up until he remarried his first wife, whom she was always extremely insecure about and constantly picked fights with him about when they communicated about their own son. She’s a stalker and a lush who flirts and sleeps around with people at the local bars in town. Do not believe what she says about being pregnant. A close friend of hers revealed that she suspects her son may have a different father, prompting her to push for the adoption.