Cassie Nunez Pennsylvania

Cassie Nunez — Saxonburg, Pennsylvania

So I caught my husband cheating on me back at the end of February 2016 and when I confronted the girl face to face she informed me I was getting a divorce and she was trying to “save my marriage”. There was never talk of separation or divorce in between my husband and I nor was I aware there was any major problems until I found out about the affair. We fought for months and tried to repair on marriage but the entire time Cassie kept/ keeps trying to rip it apart. I was informed by her own step sister she was actively trying to get pregnant by with my husbands baby which I of course went straight to her and asked she denied and kept saying ” no baby here thank you” and my husband said he “watched her sallow her pill every day” BULL SHIT!!! So after a major blow out between and my husband me telling all of Facebook what was going on he left but only for a half a day he returned to say “let us try to work on our relationship for two weeks” he also said he had not been with her for weeks and was only testing me. BULL SHIT AGAIN!!! So stupid me put all my effort into making this marriage work only to have her still all over his FB loving his post about relationships and our family. He of course tells me she is not even on his friends list and is only doing it to piss me off. A month or so goes by and I end up in ER were I am informed I am two weeks pregnant. I go home and tell my husband who is every upset because he didn’t want any more kids (has two from a previous relationship plus two with me) I ask how is Cassie going to take the news when she hears that he is having another baby with his wife??? NOT even 3 days of finding out i was pregnant i hear “she is 8 weeks plus pregnant with my husband baby” and “he didn’t know until he told her I was expecting” COME ON, REALLY!!! So now Cassie keeps contacting me and wants me to be “civil” and friendly to her at the same time she is still hoping my husband will leave me for her ( i have msg from him showing that is what she really wants to happen). I even found out a few weeks ago they had sex again. Someone anyone please tell me how I am supposed to be civil. I told her she can have him, I’m done. I cant even enjoy my pregnancy because every turn its about hers. Oh and she already has a baby with another man who she refuses to give a DNA test too and is already flirting with another married man.