Cassie Doering Utah

Cassie Doering — Ogden, Utah

Cassie Doering is a sloppy party girl. She is messing with a married military man behind his wifes back. While having an affair with the military man, she has made the time to have sex/drink with men she barely met at the bar, all of her friends and even random men she barely met online. She is an amateur model with bad tattoos and fake boobs. She thoroughly enjoys causing drama, ruining relationships and playing the victim.

Stay away from this cheating lying manipulative brat. She will destroy any relationship she sees for her own gain. She cheats on everyone she dates and she messes with married men or fathers. She has no problem tearing a family apart just to get laid. Anyone who knows her has seen her ruin realtionships first hand. Yet, because of her looks, she has gained sympathy from those around her. Pretty as she may be, she is very unhappy with herself and shows that by seeking out those in love and ruining it for them.