Cassie Cochran Illinois

Cassie Cochran — Coal City, Illinois

My friend and her husband moved to coal city in 2014. A neighbor soon became one of her best friends. They literally did everything together; she became family to my girl and her kids. She was in my friends wedding! A few months after Cassie comes out and says she had sex w my girls man a few months before they got married. Then changed the story and said they just fooled around that she “couldn’t do that to her and stopped before it went further”. Well my girl forgave them & idt they were ever As good of friends but they were back to being good. 3 years pass. My friend and her husband split up for about a month and a half & get back together when he says he wants to have a fresh start and wants to tell everything.. turns out she had been going to her house when they were fighting and she had left and having sex w her husband THE ENTIRE TIME. While still being her BFF. TRIFFLING SLUT MUCH?! Yes. Whore. Thankfully, my girl and her man are doing really good and karma will get her in time.