Casie Lerae Dehaven Ohio

Casie Lerae Dehaven — Cincinnati, Ohio

This person actually wh*red herself out to my husband while she was in college at Miami University near where she is from, in Middletown, Ohio. When I say “wh*re,” I mean in the actual sense of the word. She took money for… “services.” Her original name is Casie Lerae Gebhart, but apparently she now goes by Casie Lerae Dehaven – I can’t imagine WHAT kind of man would have married such a disgusting individual, but that seems to be the case. She did some of the most horrendous acts on my husband that are so disgusting that I can’t even mention them here. She is so lonely and so un-likeable that she did absolutely repulsive things just to be “liked.” Unfortunately she’s a Registered Nurse in Ohio now, so beware – you might find that she’s your nurse the next time you’re in the hospital. If so, unless you plan to be propositioned for something you didn’t ask for (or want!) – if I were you, I’d request another nurse.