Casey Tagart and Tania Giauque Florida

Casey Tagart and Tania Giauque – Florida

Casey lived with me for 30 years and all the while carrying a torch for his first girlfriend. He just forgot to tell me. We lived together all this time and married for 8 years and all of suddenly Tania reconnects and goes after my husband. Guess she’s a lonely old women. Yeppers. My husband is leaving me for an older woman! Living in the past and I’m disabled. Kicking me out homeless. Isn’t that a hoot. I’m young enough and have younger men chasing me!! Watch out women. Tania doesn’t care who she hurts. She will chase your man!! She’s found on Facebook. Please let her know that she’s a homewrecker! I beg you. Please share this with all your friends. Let her know that she flies the unfriendly skies with Delta. Beware of both of them.