Caryn Brehm Massachusetts

Caryn Brehm — Winston-Salem, Massechusetts

This woman Caryn Brehm persued my husband while he was a resident and she was a medical student. We were married 13 years. I stood by him through two tours to Iraq undergrad medical school, and residency. I was working a full time job taking care of our 3 kids and a aunt in hospice dying of cancer. She called texted emailed about work supposedly all the time. She was relentless. She knew he was married. She knew all the dynamics of my family and she did not care. After I confronted her she cried and said she felt bad but he was like a drug to her and she could not give him up. Um he was not your to give up. He tried to break it off with her and she would show up unexpectly ect. He is not innocent in all this either but she knew he was married with kids and did not care. She has no morals at all.