Carrie Hawkins Pennsylvania

Carrie Hawkins – Pennsylvania

I left everything. Sold my home, and relocated my business to build a life and future with Carrie Lynne Hawkins. I left everything, and every one, Ive ever knew and loved. She spent Aug 2nd, 2014, what would have been our 4th anniversary in an orgy with a man in Santa Cruz Ca. She’s been out there for the last week shooting a gang bang porno with this guy. I guess she thought she was going to relive the senior prom. She told me she’s had a crush on this piece of s*** named Guion McCoy since she was in high school. Back then, he wouldn’t give her the time of day. Fast forward 30 years, they rediscover each other on Facebook, and she dumps a happy, stable relationship to play Prom Queen.