Carra Hughes Ohio

Carra Hughes — Cincinnati, Ohio

This girl is messing with a married man. Carra Hughes has her own place in Cincinnati but keeps staying in Hamilton. Has had her two children sleep outside on a trampoline with her and my husband. And is currently sleeping in her car with her kids. The neighbors of my husband have gave this girl money for gas to go home and cooked her children breakfast because they felt bad, but not anymore.

She is messed up for putting her kids through this and getting involved with a married man. My husband had the nerve to go pick up my daughter with Carra Hughes. Seriously this chick man. But hun you can keep him, your dumb ass can deal with him and his games. Have fun seriously because he keeps trying to get me to come back. He will never leave me alone. Your just a side bitch that he is using and once he gets tired of you he will kick your ass to the curb. I let him (Daniel Moore) control my life for way too long, you can be his victim now. Because he ain’t nothin’ special. You’ll see.