Carolyn Walsh Utah

Carolyn Walsh – Salt Lake, Utah

Carolyn Walsh help bust up my 9 year marriage. I thought my husband Dave and I were pretty happy until I caught them in our marital bed. I’m so devasted. We have 3 children together and a baby on the way. I’m mostly a stay at home mom, I work part time to make ends meet, and one evening I came home early because I was feeling really weak and tired from my pregnancy, and I found my husband with this woman in a dominatrix outfit beating my husband with a whip. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen! Our children ran up the stairs because I was crying so hard and they saw their dad like this. I’m not dumb, he as just at much fault, but I warned him about her. I heard rumors about her in the neighborhood, but I never thought my husband could do such a thing. I’m so thankful to my church family for helping me through this time. I’m in so much emotional pain! I thought we were happy. How can women do this. I’m pregnant with our next child. We are separated and it’s been so hard on our kids. They miss their dad. Although he hasn’t stopped seeing this woman. I wondered why money all of a sudden became tight. I was even putting in extra hours and it all went to pay this b1tch. How can I keep my family together if he won’t stop seeing her. Plus look at her. She’s so tired and ugly. What did I do to deserve this.