Carolyn “Cece” Mamary New York

Carolyn “Cece” Mamary – New York

This fat b**** started working at a kennel with me and my now ex (Matt) about a year ago. He had been together for a while and everyone knew-both employees and customers. He would introduce me as his wife!!! A few months in a grew suspicious and every time I brought it up to him he said that I was crazy-that he would NEVER touch THAT!! Of course when I confronted her she looked me in the eyes and lied-even made up a fake boyfriend named “Colin” that no one had ever heard of (except my ex of course). Well the whole time she was smiling in my face she was f****** my man behind my back. So while I was working my full time job then coming home-cooking and cleaning and taking care of our thee dogs he was f****** this fat back b**** AT WORK!!! Yes that’s right they were f****** at the kennel we all worked and then he was coming home and laying in bed next to me every night telling me he loved me!!! They both continued to deny it but it ultimately put such a wedge between he and I that we broke up in October. Matt and I continued to talk-he was telling me that he missed me and while I was away in January he eve asked what I would say if he wanted to come back!!! I only recently found out the truth because he was drunk and high and blurted it out in a heated argument. I also found out that she co-signed or bought his car and co-signed for his apartment. I guess she has to buy things for him and keep him drunk and high so he will f*** her fat ugly a**!!! This Mama June looking b**** has no self esteem and even less self respect. News flash-if he cheated WITH you he will cheat ON you!!! Dumb b****…