Caroline E. Hough Tennessee

Caroline E. Hough — Memphis, Tennessee

This woman had a long-term affair with my partner of eleven years (we are all but married- power of attorney, wills, house in both names). When he wouldn’t leave me for her, she made threats to contact me. This went on for months. Instead of telling me, he took the coward’s way out and let her follow through on the threat. The reason I am writing this post here is because she cornered me in a public place and in front of his family, told me of the affair. She grossly exaggerated the duration of the affair (not that it matters at this point) and lied about times, places, and frequency. Mostly her intent was to break us up so that she could hurt him and possibly have him. She was drunk and apparently she is a “bad drunk”. The text messages, number of calls, and the things in them will attest to that. What he didn’t tell her was that I had been suffering from a previously undiagnosed illness that left to me too exhausted and ill to be much of a partner. As long as he was discreet, the flings were meaningless, he either used a condom or was with someone who had been tested for STD’s, and I always came first, he was allowed to seek companionship elsewhere. He should have been honest with her about the situation and he shouldn’t have forced me to deal with it. I cannot forgive her intentional attempt at publicly humiliating me. She knew she was the other woman and taking out her bad decisions on me was unacceptable.