Carmen Marin Duran Florida

Carmen Marin Duran — Coral Springs, Florida

My husband and I were together for 16 years and went thru A LOT together. We decided to have a second child. When I was about 6 months pregnant he must have met her. I could tell something was going on. Exactly 1 month after our daughter was born I checked a phone bill and there it was – call after call. I called and listened to the voicemail for the name and then I confronted my husband. He called her a “friend.” I called her and identified myself as his wife. She fell silent. I told her we just had a child together and she was only 1 month old! She responded that she knew! Despite this the affair continued with him sneaking to see her and only speaking to her at certain times in the day. He lost his job and was actually spending my money on her!!!! I confronted her again a few months later. She still did not stay away. I finally threw him out of the house. He moved into his own place. He still sees her but still barely gives her the time of day. She pushes him for a commitment. She uses her daughter as leverage! As if he should feel guilty about her daughter!!!!! This bitch knew she was involved with a man with a pregnant wife and another child at home and that didn’t stop her. She lives in Coral Springs and is a medical assistant. She has one child – a little girl. She has NO friends and all of her family live in Cuba. My husband is all that she has so she doesn’t care that my daughter didn’t take a breath of life with a complete family. She didn’t care that when he went to see her he was lying to his wife’s face while she held his newborn child. Watch out ladies – eventually he will get sick of her or she will get sick of the little but she gives him and NO ONE is off limits to her.