Carli Lawrence Moore Missouri

Carli Lawrence Moore — Lamar, Missouri

I had the unfortunate opportunity of meeting this narcissistic trollop when my husband and I were seperated and still living together and I caught them on a date (they met at work) and pulled her out of the car by her nasty ass weave. After that, my husband told me he made a big mistake and wanted to reconcile and put his ring back on. A couple days later I confronted her on the phone and she assured me she just desperately needed friends and she was rooting for our marriage to work while in the meantime inviting him out every single weekend with just the two of them, which I wouldn’t allow because I didn’t trust her. She was telling sob stories of her own husband “beating” her at work and how she is so neglected to gain attention from men and plays on the instincts of good humans’ desire to help those in need (which is what lured my husband in). She caused so much drama that I started distrusting him (he couldn’t quit his job because I’m a homemaker and we have three kids one of which has a 100% fatal disease) and kicked him out and filed for divorce.

She assured me they were “just friends” but not even one day after I kicked him out she invited him to stay in a tent with her and while in the tent was talking about how she needed something in her (a dick) because she’s been celibate for a year (after telling me on the phone she’s still having sex with her husband). She was supposed to be a recovering addict, but was snorting roxies off of her phone in the tent (she sells her dying fathers pills) and my husband knew right then and there that she wasn’t who she portrayed. She tried breaking up my family at an extraordinarily difficult time in my marriage and home life. My husband and I were so depressed over our recent sons fatal diagnosis and we stopped communicating. She smelled blood in the water and like sharks do, tried to come in for the kill. Luckily, she did not win and did not get to sleep with my husband. She sleeps with every guy friend she has ever had and goes from one man to another without any regards to her own two children’s well-being; she brings them around her children right from the start, even a man on trial for the rape of a fourteen year old. If this girl is in your life, watch for the evil witch hiding underneath her well fabricated mask.

She has no self-respect for herself and spreads herself far and wide and she will try viciously to mess up your life and then accuse the innocent unsuspecting wife/girlfriend of doing all the things she is secretly doing. I know only men can let her into their life to become a homewrecker in the first place, but she will get a good man who tries to help others caught up in her drama fueled life and then will try to get her fingernails firmly gripped into their back. She is the true definition of a low-class bitch who thinks she is entitled to other people’s happiness because she messed up her own marriage and life with drugs and drinking and whoring around on her own husband. I contacted her a while after to get some understanding on all this and she told me, “She was in a bad place and was just trying to make her husband jealous.” Well, thank you for whatever bad thing happened to you in your life that you’d want to try and sabotage another woman’s self-worth and family. Karma does come around though. She was recently dating her husbands best friend that lived with them for seven years and he cheated on her. Props to you babygirl. Get them two fake teeth fixed. Meth is a hell of a drug.