Carless Kharla Texas

Carless Kharla – Houston, Texas

Where do i start First off she thinks popping bars and sipping lean everyday is cute… she has a 8 year old son who she has NO custody of, (she probably can’t stay off dudes d1cks to watch him) she dates some Mexican dude named Oscar who is a low ball drug dealer and supports her habits with the little money he earns. He had to get a second job at a skate store to pay the rent at their sh1t a55 apartment. While he works she’s too busy out fuking other dudes (including her “friends” EX boyfriend will acting like she wasn’t fuking him the whole time) she fuked her “friends” ex boyfriend but didn’t realize he has drds and she does now too LOL instant karma. Anywho she has no car no job and a space between every tooth she has. She sleeps with up to 10 different guys, allows them to cvm in her, then hops back in bed with Oscar to sleep at night. She’s ashamed of her Mexican heritage so she refers to herself as Native American because she did a test and found out she’s a small percentage Native American. Lol she’s not smart at all. Someone come save this ex stripper drug addict. Be careful she has drds…