Carla F Henze Texas

Carla F Henze – Texas

Carla lives in Hurst, TX and works in Grand Prairie, TX and is a Complete Liar and Cheating on her husband, Chris, who will actually believe it one day. She has a two year old daughter, [minor name removed], and still outs herself before her family. She is throwing her family away for a manager at her work that was her good friend’s long time boyfriend. She lives for her selfish moment creating a web of lies. She constantly speaks bad about people especially her husband’s mother, Alicia and her brother in laws wife which both love her dearly. She speaks of lying to her husband often and says he is mean when in all reality she has a drinking issue and was the one that always started fights with him. She works hard at over doing her fake caring act in public. She will stab you in the back in a heart beat to get what she wants. She is PURE EVIL.