Carl Meyer Pennsylvania

Carl Meyer – Pennsylvania

He strung along my friend for 3 years.had her sell her car to give him money towards his new “Dream” car.she is on ssd can’t work is a single mom.Said he wanted to marry her gave her a ring 2 Mos after they met.Again that was 3 years ago.Took all her things furniture all her and her sons things, and now has everything in his house! Furnished with her things.She and her son live with her mom.Carl now has her completely reliant on him.She also found out he has been cheating on her on the seinor people meet well as addicted to porn.If she try to break it off he threatens to take the car she uses back. Mind you he has 4 cars all in his name.(Legally nothing is hers).He treats her like total crap.He is 63 she is a very pretty 49 yr old who I have no idea what she sees in him .He’s not only short and ugly He is a arrogant mean a****** to her!!!!! He hopefully will get what he deserves someday .I pray my friend gets the strength to leave him someday soon before she looses her total beautiful self…Stay away from this poor excuse as a man…..God Bless