Carina Marie Bernards Washington

Carina Marie Bernards – Washington

Formally known as Carina Alma-Mead resides in milton washington. She currently works as a certified nursing assistant in tacoma. She works at visiting Angels. She’s currently/secretly married to a man named Mark J. B. These two eloped around January of 2014. She was previously married to a man that was incarcerated which she met through a dating website where you meet men incarcerated and write them in prison. Carina claims that she’s pregnant all the time but obviously by the look of her stomach she’s just fat. Don’t trust this beast considering she’ll lie to you over and over and over again. She’s a con woman. Where she lures men into a relationship with her and uses them and leaves them with NOTHING. I’ve found links on her email on her phone that was left in my possession and she’s on Craigslist posing to be a helpless lonely ready to settle down single girl. Don’t believe the lies she says considering she got me and many people. Her current husband and herself plot and find innocent broken hearted caring people and plot to f*** them over. The picture below is what Carina looks like. She WILL try to lie to you saying she’s skinny and petite but this is what this beast looks like and plus it looks like she ate shamu. Don’t trust this woman. Someone should report her for fraud. But hopefully karma comes and bites her in her 700 pound a**. Evil b****. God doesn’t like ugly