Campbell Cheaters

Campbell — Ontario, Canada

My friend moved in with her boyfriend (he had already been living there with a roommate for about a year till the roommate moved out) and was living above this broad with her boyfriend of 9 years and their 4 year old daughter, they rented the tiny one bedroom apartment in this sluts home, and did for close to 2 1/2 years. They watched this chick go through so many men it was disgusting and she has 3 kids from 2 different dads (and the youngest they don’t even know who the father is, the guy she was fucking when the lil girl was born claimed her as his own but they have no idea who her dad is and she looks nothing like the man who stepped up) you can just tell by watching this girl she is a whore, and an alcoholic. She even was friendly with my friend, talked about some serious issues with her kids and she confided in my friend a lot of serious shit like call Cas type stuff… any time they were outside together they would girl talk often… They even regularly let their daughters (who are very close in age) play together in the yard, and the little girls became very close.

Then my friend got pregnant with her son and her and her boyfriend (they do have a bit of a toxic relationship) started focusing on bettering their relationship, with the new addition coming. Untill this Whore came along she apparently was constantly flirting with my friends boyfriend behind her back and even texting him, then one night they did get into a big fight and my friend went to her parents for the night with the kids, the baby was only a few months old…. While this slut of a woman invited my friends boyfriend down for drinks, cause she heard the fight and thought he could use the company. She took advantage of the situation cause she is such a slur and couldn’t help herself! After that night they were together she was relentless in texting him and asking him for “favours” that he felt obligated in doing cause she was the “landlord” this woman took advantage of all situations she thought she could….

My friends boyfriend is just as at fault, he used to tell my friend he thought this chick was nasty and ugly and would never touch her making my friend never think twice he would ever touch her!!!! My friend had to move but couldn’t right away so had to live above this woman who wreaked her relationship beyond repair! Right after my friend having her “million dollar family” She is the definition of home wrecker!! Even telling everyone especially men she is “fixed” an can’t have anymore kids…. But Guess who’s about to pop out a baby from another man she stole from another woman! She is so disgusting and will admit she uses men just for sex… She will take any man who will give her any type of attention and make him do shit he would never do other wise cause she is sooooooo convincing!!!! Don’t let her ruin another family or steal any other taken man and get knocked up, most likely on purpose not doubt, tubes tied my ass!!!!