CAM ALEXANDER — Vancouver, Canada

DRUM ROLL THIS IS THE INFAMOUS THE ONE AND ONLY CAM ALEXANDER, where do I even get started with this fuking fake a little b1tch if you take away the blond wig and her fake a55 she would be nothing , she has 4 different apps she spends hours on photoshopping herself to look like perfection but one day you’ll get lucky and see her with no makeup and it’s a completely different person example- bald headed baby she walks around Yaletown and snorts cocaine every single day of her life she’s addicted to Xanax not to mention cannot keep a job. she was working at Bellami got fired because she’s an absolute airhead and now she’s doing the same thing all the hoes do pouring champagne for drug dealers while sleeping with them after work she also likes to sleep with her friends boyfriends as well as the entire Canucks team, she lives downtown by herself and claims to be able to make enough money to pay her own rent yet she’s being flown around the world to fuk huge old men! That’s an floozy is u ask me, It’s really not hard to find this bottle rat she’s always at hello Goodboy, Pierres causing drama or 12 west in the bathroom sucking d1ck this girl is the most conceited girl in the entire world not even just to Vancouver she think she’s going to become famous but really she’s a girl from the island with a good blonde wig who is try to make it in the big city with a sugar daddy good luck sweetheart because like I said without your fuking flux you be nothing It’s really not hard to find a bottle right she’s always at hello Goodbuy Pierre is causing drama she thinks ones day she’ll be married rich is her goal by fuking away around, the little friends she has left she has talked so much sh1t about yet so be careful don’t trust this cvm guzzling sloot. Ig- {redacted}