Calli Vandera Cheaters

Calli Vandera — Winnipeg, Canada

This girl just recently had a baby thinking everyone for got how she drank During her pregnant and did pills.. she is a trash a55 b1tch and racist! Her and her little No good friends who knew she was pregnant and still let her drink & drank with her in one of the photos I’m gonna post was taken in June she was drunk at the club I seen her to and she proceeded to say she was not Drunk also said she was not pregnant hat she had lost her baby.. but 2 months ago suddenly she pops out a kid??? Doesn’t make sense anyways this white trash slore dates this guy name Austin bone ain’t even her baby daddy also a piece of sh1t and part of her drinking and doing pills while pregnant. I just find it funny how she has her kid now so she thinks she’s perfect and her names cleared for what she did to her baby in her belly at the time. And for the racist post Callie your nothing but trailor trash honey no offence & your daughters name Charlie ? Really Lmaoo typical white Person ugly ahah anyways next time think about your actions And words don’t think because you became a mother when you shouldn’t have bcus your really a piece of sh1t that we forgot about your horrible a55 lucky no one shot you again for that mouth pft ! Ps go find your real Baby daddy you sloot ! And Austin you can do better bud why you with this no colour donky riding a55