Caitlin Foch Wisconsin

Caitlin Foch — Horizon, Wisconsin

Here is a SAD, sad, SAD story about how a home was wrecked by a homewrecking whore named Caitlynn Foch: Robert (Robbey) Brammer and Caitlyn (Caity) Brammer have been together for 8 years and married for 5 years and have two beautiful daughters together… Robbey works as a machine operator on second shift at Centro Inc. in Horicon,WI. Recently, this little slut named Caitlynn Foch was hired at Centro, Robbey is her boss at work. When she was hired he joked about how the ugly girl with the big ass and a gap in her teeth got hired and they laughed about it… Then a few weeks later Caity found messages from this little slut on Robbeys phone. When she confronted Robbey he agreed to quit talking to her and quit texting her because of the fact that he had a pregnant wife… They stayed broke up for a few weeks and while they were broken up Robbey and Caity were very happy, they were going to what was supposed to be their new house every single weekend and DECORATING IT, DOING WORK OUTSIDE, SNUGGLING BY THE FIRE, TAKING BATHS TOGETHER, HAVING DEEP CONVERSATIONS, TALKING ABOUT RENEWING THIER WEDDING VOWS AND EVEN HAVING ANOTHER BABY AFTER… When they were supposedly broken up he put on a pretty good show to his wife by saying that he hates her and that he couldn’t believe that he ever liked her in the first place, that she was slutty, that if she got killed in a head-on car crash she wouldn’t care and even referred to her as a WALKING CUM FACTORY. But then a few weeks later she found out that they were back together. It stressed Caity out so bad that she almost went into labor 2 Mondays ago… Again, Robbey put on a show… Acting like such a caring husband he rushed back from work and took her to the hospital and while she was laying in the hospital better getting their unborn baby monitored he looked her straight in the eyes and smiled and told her that he loved her more than anything in this world… He also told her that he broke up with that slut… That she was the perfect wife and he couldn’t wait to move with her to thier FOREVER HOME upnorth. He even swore on their daughter’s life that he loved her more than anything and that she would never lose him and that they would be forever and always. But… Caity was still suspicious… The next day Caity decided to go to his work after his shift at 10pm to surprise him, but she was the one surprised. Instead of meeting him in the parking lot to give him a hug and kiss she caught him making out with some little whore bag named Caitlynn Foch up against his truck. Caity got out of the car and walked up and said. “I guess tonight was a bad night to surprise you” He then asked her what she was doing at his work… She walked up to CAITLYNN FOCH and said… ” what are you doing with my husband? Why are you doing this with a married man who has a wife and two children? Don’t you have a conscience? Why would you want to be somebody’s Secret? You know… If he cheated on me with you then he’s going to cheat on you with somebody else… Congratulations… You stole a married man away from his two children.” Then Robbey stood in front of Caity fearing that she was going to hit this little whore, but Caity said herself that she wasn’t going to hit her because that little cunt wasn’t worth going to jail over. Robbey then told her just to leave and Caity said… “Why are you cheating on me when your daughter is in the car and I’m due in a week with another one?!? What happened to yesterday at the hospital?!? You said all this stuff?” He said, “Caity, I’m sorry… I only told you that yesterday because I was worried about the baby, I was planning on breaking up with you after she was born.” She said “Sarah’s in the car” He said “yeah okay” Robbey walked over to his whore instead of saying goodbye or hugging kissing his daughter and when his wife broke down crying CAITLYNN FOCH started laughing about it. Him and Caitlynn left together leaving his wife to cry in the cold, dark parking lot. A week later Caity gave birth to his baby girl at the hospital, but he wasn’t there for the birth or anything and he wasn’t there to help her or even visit until it was the last day and she agreed to let him meet her daughter… After she got home from the hospital he was texting her and telling her that he wasn’t happy with the slut and just wanted his family back and that he fucked up and made a mistake with her and he regrets ever perusing her. He even asked Caity if she wanted to get together this week because he misses her so much and still loves her. Poor Caity actually had some hope that maybe he came to his senses after seeing their new little baby girl and was really excited after he was texting her sweet things and hugging her and kissing her at the hospital while holding their baby together… He even told her that he wish that he didn’t have to stop hugging and holding her. But then last night Caity found out that she was staying at the house they were supposed move into, the house they called thier FOREVER HOME. So ladies be on the look out for a 19 year old homewrecking whore named Caitlynn Foch… She stole Caity’s husband and will eventually steal yours because she is selfish… She doesn’t care that you’ve been married for however long, or that you have kids, she only cares about jumping from dick to dick. It’s sad because even though her husband did a shitty thing to Caity she still worries about her husband as she’s been told that Caitlynn Foch has a very bad alcohol and drug problem and has multiple sexually transmitted diseases such as genital herpes and Chlamydia. She will never ever be around Caity’s children to dress them up either. Please everyone be careful of this homewrecker… My friend was happily married until this one came along. It makes me sad to see how hurt she is every single day and see her cry all the time… I don’t think Caitlynn Foch realizes what she has done, I don’t think she realizes that she broke up a family and took away the only man Caity ever loved since she was 16. But even if she was smart enough to realize it she wouldn’t even care. Thanks to her Robbey is also going to miss out on his beautiful girls growing up, he may not realize it now but he lost the best thing that ever happened to him. Again, ladies and gentlemen, watch out