Cadum Ora Florida

Cadum Ora – Florida

This man, and i use this word loosely, is one of the worst. Not Only did he cheat BUT he did it with his girlfriends Aunt in his girlfriends apartment with his best tag teaming while his girlfriend was sleeping in the bedroom. He used his girlfriend for everything he could get. He never contributed anything financially and has sucked her dry for every nickel he could get and then she finds this out. He was on Dr Phil in 2009 and his wife Monica said he was scum and no one believed her. well she telling the trust. He is the lowest scum that there is. id you meet him run the other way because you can’t believe a word that comes out his mouth. He is cute, Charming and that smile of his will melt you. Run hard and fast or you too will get more heartache than could ever imagine.