Cade Knight Mississippi

Cade Knight – Mississippi

He was born Jeremy Cade Knight but goes by Cade Knight. He’s from Clinton, MS but has also lived in the Birmingham, AL areas well. He makes you believe he’s a great guy that quit his job and gave up his life in Birmingham to care for his dying mother(she had stage 4 lung cancer) & his quadrapalegic older brother but the truth is he was fired from his job due to his cocaine and alcohol addiction. Didn’t find out the truth myself until way later. He lied and told me he loved me and married me then he proceeded to beat me on more than occasion, he actually put me in the hospital once, then when I started taking up for myself & fighting back I had no right to do so & his going to jail over my beatings was all my fault. He lied about not being a cheater, went to work, got paid and never came home-he left me and my 3 kids without food or money. He went around our town saying I stole money from him when GE gave it to me to pay bills. He blamed me for us always being broke and then I found out he’s been paying for v***** ppractically our whole marriage. He doesn’t know what it means to be honest, love, & be faithful!!! If you know what’s good for you, stay away. He will also tell you he almost got signed in a rock band where he was the drummer. The band was real being signed & touring all lies!!!