Bully) Florida

Kimberly Kerwin (Cheater, Liar, Bully) – Florida

Kimberly Kerwin works for a company called the PTC of Hillsborough County in Tampa, Fl. Otherwise known as Public Transporation Commission, this organization is widely known for its corruption and bullying of Uber Drivers and citizens of Tampa Bay. What we don’t know is the inside story of an employee named Kimberly Kerwin who is guilty of becoming a bully herself. Story begins when she dated a man by the name of Shawn and decided to ruin his world with her control. In a period of no longer than 6 months, this vixen managed to bully him into breaking up over and over like the game that she enjoyed playing. Her lies and innuendos would eventually lead to her being caught cheating with another man. Shawn left her and that is when all the bullying and false accusations began. Kimberly Kerwin just couldn’t let Shawn go and in a matter of a year, she called the police three times and served Shawn with a false restraining order. Instead of withering behind some rock, this strong man was ready for anything this douche was willing to throw at him. Upon learning of Kimberly’s intent, he decided to fight back in a way that is only seen in movies. He would stand up Kimberly who convinced the PTC to come after him with stalking, bullying and harassment like no one has ever seen before. Kimberly’s false restraining order was immediately thrown out by a judge because it was proven that the evidence she provided in court was fictitious. Armed with a new confidence, Shawn decided to dare the PTC and Kimberly to follow through with their threats. It would soon come to pass that she intended on trying to have him falsely arrested and that is when he had enough. The Commissioners office who regulates the company (PTC) saw enough to realize that this company had to leave Shawn alone. What event that caused this type of reaction is when Kimberly called two detectives into her office and made up false stories to get Shawn arrested. When those detectives showed up, they had no idea that Shawn had been already expecting them and within 5 minutes, they walked away knowing Kim was a liar. 1 month after that failed for Kimberly and the PTC, Kim’s boss (Mario Tamargo), took it upon himself to attempt to run Shawn down with his unmarked car. Shawn normally would jog on the streets of tampa during work and the company located next door knew this also. The car was going full speed when it hit Shawn in his shoulder and knocked him to the ground. Looking up, he would see the driver looking in his side mirror and than sped off. It was the face of Kim Kerwins boss and if the car had hit him a foot closer near his chest, Shawn would have instantly been killed. The bullying has been taken to a new level with Kim and the PTC and Shawn was merely a victim because he upset one of the employees there by leaving her. Shawn would have his revenge later when the Tampa Police Department received an anonymous tip that Mister Tamargo was driving while intoxicated. That arrest would lead to the firing of the man who bullied, stalked and attempted to kill Shawn and revenge was oh so sweet.