Bubba Benoit Louisiana

Bubba Benoit – Louisiana

Part of this is on me because I was stupid to go back to this man. The first time we were together, he cheated on me with Trisha Oliver, who he married. However, while married to her, he sent me many messages on Facebook to try to meet with me. Trisha then passed away, and within a week of her death he was trying to see me again. I thought it weird that so soon after his wife dying, he was already trying to find another woman. I was talking to him and then all of a sudden he was engaged to this woman named Shelia. That engagement didn’t go through and he moved in this woman named Julie. While Julie was living with him, he started contacting me again. Julie left him and we got together (stupid me). While with me, he was talking to Shelia again. After texting me one morning that he loved me, he went to Shelia’s house and ask her to be in a relationship with him and he spent the night. At this time, him and me were still together. Shelia posted to his Facebook, good morning. I seen it and the truth came out. He was a coward and avoided both of us. Women beware. He goes by Bubba Benoit but his real name is Alfred Benoit, Jr and he lives in Opelousas, LA and works at the Crawfish Corner. He likes to get on dating apps and Tagged and talk to multiple women at the same time. Trust me, women. He’s not worth being with. He cheats and lets his grown children run his life. He is on his couch right now because he has his grown children living with him. Additionally, he isn’t any good in bed. It is all about him satisfying himself and he really don’t have anything to work with LOL.