Bryonna Patton Washington

Bryonna Patton — Yakima, Washington

Bryonna Patton, the most disgusting human being I have ever had to deal with! She dated my husband ages ago and somehow still manages to reappear. We have blocked her from ever social media and account and she counters it with text messages asking why she’s all of a sudden been blocked?! That’s not even the good part. This joke of a woman insists on finding ways to get in contact with my husband WHILE SHE HAS ANOTHER BOYFRIEND (Who is in the Navy btw. She’s trying a different branch this time). This girl has no shame. After her and my husband broke up she slept with his bestfriend? That’s not slutty right? But most recently I found her sending photos TO MY HUSBAND of almost a year. Yeah I acknowledged my husband should have been in the situation but she shouldn’t have put herself in his life to begin with! Now me and my husband are rebuilding ourselves because we are not going to let some tag chaser come in between what we’ve built for years. She’s disgusting and I can’t say it enough. DONT LET THIS GIRL COME NEAR YOUR HUSBAND!