Bryn Melissa Kittredge Cheaters

Bryn Melissa Kittredge — Santa Rosa, California

This woman relentlessly pursued my boyfriend of a decade pretending to be a “friend” who understood that he loved me and would never be leaving me (he told the two groupies he fucked that he loved me and would never leave me and that it was only physical) and then kept hounding him over the course of 5 years. She knew that we were happy and in love and that I didn’t know about it. My boyfriend was the one who owed me honesty & loyalty, but if women like this skank weren’t slinking around, and told guys “no thanks” to being put second, we’d have a much kinder, gentler, supportive community. Women should stick together, and I very rarely speak negatively about other women – but this cunt – can fuck the hell off. One night my boyfriend told me that he cheated on me with two of his groupies and although we did try to keep it together, the entire situation was too much for me. I was heartbroken and angry. Very angry. Now I just laugh because they’re together now and deserve every minute with each other. She’ll know he wishes she was me and I hope it eats her up on a daily basis. She deserves nothing in this life. Selfish sluts can all fuck off together to the bottom of the sea. F OFF, MISTRESSES.