Bryan E. Wilson Texas

Bryan E. Wilson – Fort Worth, Texas

So I see he’s on here and that’s no surprise… but he’s up to no good now that his baby mama Gillian Martin saw he wasn’t going to stop sleeping others, I though the PowerPoint on getting an abortion would be the first hint he’s not daddy material, she has up and left. Bryan went and got a vasectomy so no more “hoes” (he sees all women this way) can try to come after his sperm. He doesn’t pay child support, doesn’t go to the child’s one year old bday and claims Gillian is with holding child when he doesn’t even text to see his daughter. BUT WAIT, there’s more! After rekindling with one of his old flames who went thru his phone and found him lying again, she went to his computer stole info on clients and called and harassed them about hiring Bryan. To top it all off he’s got more then one drd now. After that vasectomy he ditched the condoms and since he refuses to go to the dr, it will be there long after this post, that’s for the ones curable he has. He is telling lies about Gillian and how she is not a good mother year sadly didn’t even come to his daughters first bday party. Bryan claims to be the Texas law hawk but he is a coward hawk using his success to get women. One last thing… Bryan has been dabbling in nose candy. His best friend Adam wafford is known to use drugs etc and finally pulled him in to the coke life so with him taking uppers for the pharmacist and coke he is in no position to be handling people’s social security numbers etc. He’s a narsacistic, pharmaceutical meth head and it shows in everything he does. Here are some photos the half ass lawyer can’t take down. His last post got over 100 comments which is so rare on here but he tried to hide so much and screw over so many that it was bound to come out sooner or later. Heaven forbid a man like this end up as a judge.