Brooklyn Lacroix Cheaters

Brooklyn Lacroix — Edmonton, Canada

First of all she gos by many names. Brooklyn Lacroix. Layla price. Layla loster. Meet her over a year ago. Seems like a nice lady. A buy lost at first but ok roll with it. After we spent 4hrs togather in my car just talking. On my way home she texts me asking me to come back and pick her and to go get her brother. Sure I said. Picked him up from some shady hotel. Dropped them off. ( first time meeting him) we talked and talked had our first kiss fine. Then she starts asking for money for rent and food smokes what ever she needs. Fyi I am a sucker. I give in helping her along the way makes up excuses why she can not come out as i work out of town a lot so i did not have much free time. Then she gets sick said she had cancer if the lungs spends 3 months in the hospital under quarantine her phone bracks well she is in there I pick her up a new one drop it off seen her for a hole 5 mins. I go back out of town agen. Says her grandmother got sick so she heads out to winapeg for 1 month to get her beter and be with her. Fine by me. She get back to a emtey house and nothing her mother moved on her. Did it believe her so I swung by to look for my self. Yep she moved out. Ok she moved in to her dads place I payed the rent as the normal for us. Still believe her along the way. Her and her dad fight she gets kicked out. Has to love in either her best friend. Fine pay the huge amount of rent I get back to town agen she says the day I get back her grandmother had a stroke. So she gos bacl to winapeg and stayed with her till she passes away. Brings stuff back with her to her place. I was suspicious of her whereabouts so I look up her so called brother on FB find out she and him have been dateing the hole time we wear togather. Seeing pics of them kissing saying lovely dovey stuff togahter fueld my rage to the max. I am a very peaceful guy and I’d never hurt a fly. So in short. She lies to you she will tell you she loved you when she is fuk8ng so maney other guys I am sure she has more then one DRD stay far far away from her. She fuks her so called brother and will use you to the max.