Brooke Junkins Indiana

Brooke Junkins — Indianapolis, Indiana

Say hello to one of Indys most notorious side hoes. Brooke Junkins is a cancer that wont go away. The is the most disruptive, and destructive person I’ve ever encountered. Whenever Brooke isn’t busy having her face pumped full of botox, or having her hair colored, she keeps busy by juggling a handlful of married men, leaving a trail of shattered marriages in her wake. This woman has zero shame. She’s the kind of ho that gets a guy to cheat on his fiancé, then goes to the wedding! Shes the kind of ho that sleeps with a married man, and when the wife catches on and confronts her, she goes around telling everyone that the wife is crazy! This chick will even go so far as to cheat on her husband with a guy, and attend a wedding with that guy as an actual couple! Ladies, if youre husbands frequent a certain brewery in greenwood(OB) without you, chances are, they’ve got something going on with this thing.