Brooke Dudeck New Jersey

Brooke Dudeck — Phillipsburg, New Jersey

So basically, I was with my fiancee for 10 years, we have 3 kids, not babies but grown babies (7, and 5 year old twins). This skank who gave 0 fu**s purposely got pregnant and feels like shes a woman of god to help remove my children’s father from their lives for her child. Now don’t get me wrong good ol baby dad aint ANY better. But I feel like this stupid ho needs to be put on blast with my baby dad. I won’t ever beg for my kids father to be a father, he didn’t have his own so he’ll never know how to be 1 anyway….and his second baby mom won’t be the last so get in line bitch just remember I’ll always be #1, and you ruined a home for 3 children…