Brooke Clevesy Massachusetts

Brooke Clevesy — Merrimac, Massachusetts

This girl went after my best friends boyfriend while they were pregnant with their first child. She did everything she could to get in between them, causing fights that led to my friend being so stressed out that she ended up in the hospital. When my friend was nine months pregnant, this whore succeeded in getting the boyfriend to sleep with her. Mind you, this slut has a husband who works with aforementioned boyfriend. She claimed that he beat her and she had never slept with anyone else before- all lies to make the guy feel bad for her. She stroked his ego until he realized what a horrible mistake he had made, and ended it, coming clean about everything. She still wont stop trying to cause fights between them, even after they both expressed they wanted no trace of her in their lives, she continues to try to antagonize my friend and make her feel like shit. This bitch is still with her “abusive” husband, and has a child of her own. As a woman and mother, if you can sink this low you’re true scum.