Brooke Brewer Cheaters

Brooke Brewer — Waterford, California

Brooke was a high school friend of my boyfriend, always acted like one of the guys so I never really worried about her, until recently when she decided to text my boyfriend a video of herself masturbating! She was mad that her boyfriend left the house with one of his friends and decided to text my goober boyfriend and ask him if he wanted to see a video and the dumb ass that my boyfriend is, told her yes. She said it was a drunken mistake and that she would never contact him again, but that just wasn’t enough for me. I told her to tell her boyfriend or else I would. So she proceeded to tell me how I need to be a grown woman and get over it lol. So defensive for a nasty whore who knows I’m crazy enough to tell everyone in our small town how gross she is. Lesson of the day, don’t be a nasty whore behind your significant others back.