Brody Cameron Cheaters

Brody Cameron — St. Thomas, Canada

Please keep anonymous, Brody Cameron from St.Thomas Ontario Ladies beware, This boy will sweet talk the hell out of you, wine and dine you, treat you like a princess, and then you’ll start finding out the truth… He’s a liar, a cheater, a pathological liar, a narcissistic jackass and so much more. So in the beginning you’ll start talking, he’ll take you out on a few dates, he’ll open up about some of his life, and then he will start complaining about his living arrangements and like a good woman you’ll open your heart and your door to this boy. Then you start to find out just how twisted he really is, you’ll talk to people he knows (which trust me will take a while because NO ONE has anything good to say about him) then upon him moving in he’ll show you just how big of a cess pool he really is (as if his fucked up decaying mouth doesn’t say enough) he doesn’t shower more than 2 times a month, and that’s IF you’re lucky, there’s constantly money disappearing, he’s out “helping his dad” constantly and never home, his anger problems are terrifying and he’s thinks he’s okay meanwhile he flips out in front of children (not to mention screaming and arguing with the children’s mother in front of them.) and beats on dogs. Yeah that’s right ladies this sociopath doesn’t care if you have kids. He’ll weasel his way into your heart and home and you’ll see the chaos start to unravel. This douche bag moved into a mothers home broke and with no job, she pays all the bills and then finally in December she gets a new place and he got a job, she kicked him out the first weekend of December because her sister and friends sat her down and told her the truth about this jackass. But she still felt for him and by January 1st he was back in her house, they got a gas bill for December that he promised he’d pay and then told her he payed and come to find out this month that he never payed for December. He told her that he payed late on the 29th and he told her this morning that they just took it out of his account and that he just got confirmation via email of them taking it out of his account. So she called up gas and pulled up the account, no payment whatsoever. This little boy is a dirty scum bag ladies! Keep your families safe!