Brittany White (Pietrowski) Pennsylvania

Brittany White (Pietrowski) — Meadville, Pennsylvania

Brittany White is crazy!! She was having multiple affairs with married men when she hooked up with my husband! She is the bottom of the barrel trash! Multiple affairs with married men, sleeping with multiple men at the same time while AT WORK and getting paid! She cheated on her husband with a married resident, cheated on him with another doctor that is married with kids, and then began ANOTHER affair with a married man with a pregnant wife!

She destroyed 4 families all within one year! What’s worse is that she KNEW they were all married and went after them anyway! She chose to commit wh*redoms and bragged about it at work. She also has spread crazy rumors around Meadville about how she is a victim of ‘stalking’ from all of these men… and ironically from every one of her ‘previous boyfriends.’ She sent numerous letters to the wives of these men, to the bosses of the men she was sleeping with to get them fired, and tried to get the police involved in a few of the cases as she pretended to be a victim of harassment. After the law stepped in and investigations were started the investigations proved that she was a liar and all of these men and their families were actually the victims of her harassment. She is a class A slut that wh*res around a small town, spreads rumors, and breaks up families. Her married name was Brittany Pietrowski and she is/was a scrubtech at Meadville Medical Center in Meadville, PA. She was also working at Red Lobster in Meadville. She was living in Conneaut Lake, PA for a while. This is the only pic I could find of her on FB. Beware. She proudly goes after married men