Brittany Smith & Jessica Stefanick Cheaters

Brittany Smith & Jessica Stefanick – Canada

These girls are both so bored they seek any type of attention they can get, good or bad it doesn’t matter to them! They are making false accusations about people they know nothing about yet can’t post any proof to back their claims. Let’s start with Jessica. This girl has 3 children all with different daddies. Her husband is addicted to finding random underage girls on Tinder and has even given his wife DRDs from his affairs (or so she claims). She is crazy and has aggravated assault charges to show for it. Brittany, oh the amount of stuff this Shrek looking girl has done. This one has four children with different baby daddies, 2 she doesn’t even have custody of. She has a drug addiction problem and has a few fraud & theft charges shes gained from trying to fund her habit. Because of their history, neither of these girls have any real friends leading them to troll the internet posting made up stories of innocent people trying to get any attention they possibly can. Stay FAR away from these girls. Neither of them has anything but drama and sob stories about how pathetic their lives are. Lastly, I have attached a few screenshots of their pathetic attempts at spreading lies and one of Jessica’s sob stories. Want to see more screenshots? Message me! I have plenty!