Brittany Michalchuk Cheaters

Brittany Michalchuk – Los Angeles, California

I cannot believe this girl isn’t posted on here yet. Or she’s had enough money to have things removed. But I think the great people of LA need to know about the Canadian trash imported into their great city. Brittany Michalchuk is a failed bachelorette contestant, failed jewelry designer, failed singer, failing “life coach” and all around fake fraud. She claims to be a “high performance coach” for CEO’s (what are the requirements for that?) who posts day after day about getting out there and hard work blah blah blah all while riding the coat tails of her sugars daddies and real daddy. Her family is FILTHY rich. It’s easy to ride around in a benz your parents bought from your paid for condo never had to work a day in your life telling people if they pay you money you will remind them daily to “live your dreams!” what a load of bull. Brittany talks about being bullied and having haters. No girl you’re just a bad person and spoiled brat nobody likes. And any CEO is a fool to give you a penny to spew your disney movie non sense about how to live life when you have had everything handed to you on a silver platter. All your financial starts and contacts come from someone else. Nothing you did. Nik if a girl is a 6 in Canada what is she in LA? Please warn everyone in California about this counterfeit.