Brittany Mc Cheaters

Brittany Mc — Saskatoon, Canada

name of Brittany Mc Aka Mckay. This woman here is seriously mentally impaired. She has everything giving to her cause she uses men and lies and cheats and steals. She has two kids with two different dads gets more D1ck ends then weekends. This trailer trash She sleeps with every guy she encounters who is willing to believe her story. She tries to make you feel sorry for her situation that she has put herself into, and then drags even more men and more problems to herself. This girl lies and lies down so much it’s hard to tell if she is a free floozy or just loves to spread her legs to every man willing, one could describer her as a venus fly trap, looks pretty, doesn’t look dangerous until she snaps onto you…….living off guy by guy and all her friends even say she’s a golddigging. Where do I even start…. I had the misfortune of meeting this crazy chick